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5 Observations Now that My Children are Back to School

Here's an old post that I think deserves a reboot... 

A handful of things have become apparent now that my children are back to school again. Keep in mind this applies to my current state-of-being, AKA the work-from-home mom life. Let's get right to it, shall we?

TIME. There's a sentimental expression in reference to raising children that says, "the days are long and the years are short." Um, you know what's really short? The time your kids are in school. One minute it's 8:30am and you're actually enjoying your coffee and getting down to business and the next it's 2:15 and you're scrambling to get to school for pick up. Now, if only time could have moved so fast when I was stuck behind a desk in a cold office all day, but I digress... 

SPEED. I honestly forgot that I can walk fast. Yes, when not responsible for young children where the typical rate of motion is akin to paint drying, I can pass for a New Yorker again. As much as I adore constantly stopping, turning around, bending down to pull pebbles out of sandals, passing out snacks and water and walking three feet and 2 steps back, moving at the normal speed of most human beings is a refreshing change of pace.

FOOD. Today I'm eating something for lunch that wouldn't be commonly referred to as "scraps." Granted, it happens to be leftovers... but still! Having children in school means a welcome break from crusty bread edges and half-eaten string cheese.

SOUND. This I'll admit. The quiet is deafening. I'm able to complete whole emails without being interrupted to dress a baby doll, watch a magic trick or break up a precious screaming match between sisters (which is AMAZING), but it's a little too quiet at the moment. Think I'll go turn on some Dora & Friends... be right back.

SCHEDULE. As much as I love those carefree days of summer (and I really do... our summer break was blissfully schedule-free for the most part), I am sort of glad to get back into some sort of routine again. I suddenly feel as if with my new found "free" time I should be moving mountains and running for president, but I think I'll settle for blogging more regularly and aggressively looking for new freelance gigs. If nothing else, it helps knowing I have this specific time frame to myself.

Happy back-to-school, friends. Use your time wisely.

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