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Big Apple Books: Matilda, The Algonquin Cat

You've heard about little NYC girls that live in hotels, of course. But what about cats? My latest Big Apple Book addition is Matilda, The Algonquin Cat, which captures the tale of the furriest resident of one of NYC's most famous hotels. This charming story is made even more delightful because it's based on a real cat who does in fact live at The Algonquin. Only in NYC, right?

As the story goes, in 1932, a stray cat wandered into the lobby of The Algonquin, just days after the death of Billy, the hotel owner's cat. It was as if he just took over where Billy left off! Since then, the hotel has always had a resident cat. Male cats are called "Hamlet" and females, "Matilda." The current Matilda is the 11th Algonquin cat and the 3rd Matilda, and she unsurprisingly rules the roost.

The girls loved the story of Matilda and are anxious for a visit to The Algonquin's lobby to see her for themselves. What about you?

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