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a new day

If you notice the time period between the last post and this one, you'll realize pretty quickly that we now have a baby on our hands! How is it that one little person can change your life in an instant? Sounds rather dramatic to put it that way, but it's absolutely true.

Baby S arrived at NYU Medical Center at 2:45am on October 13th-11 days after her due date (clearly she gets her "fashionably late" side from me). I will spare those reading the labor & delivery experience... sufficed to say, it was challenging and a real test of my strength and patience. While I'm not looking to repeat it anytime soon, the end result (sweet little baby & Husband's perma-grin) made it more than worthwhile. That, and the truly amazing since of accomplishment-- bringing a child into the world has made me feel empowered; fearless. We're experiencing a different, all-encompassing kind of love that has, without a doubt, changed us for the better. Becoming a mom has made an already sentimental person a big pile of mush... and I wouldn't change a thing. Let the adventure begin!

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