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Like many living in NYC, we don't own a car. We drive maybe twice a year on vacation or visiting our families. We have, like a lot of other New Yorkers, a love/hate relationship with taxis and their drivers (I've heard it said you're not really a New Yorker till you've almost been hit by one. Check!) Thus, we decided hailing a taxi was not how we wanted to bring our prized possession home from the hospital. Enter Zip Car -- Husband was able to find one parked in a lot 2 blocks away from the hospital. Using the Zip Car iphone application, he was able to easily make the reservation and unlock the car. Forgive the pun, but we did indeed "zip" across town in a safe and reliable Volvo, which he returned later that day. We hope to take advantage of this service for day trips and visits to see friends outside the city. Baby S should know what grass looks like, after all.

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