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live like eloise for a night...

I spent the night at the Plaza Hotel once. It was during the "early years" of my adventure here in NYC (translation: I was footloose & stroller-free). I worked for the CBS News magazine show 48 Hours, and one evening, during a show "crash" (i.e., breaking news coverage) there was a major snowstorm threat.  This may come as a surprise, but when it snows here, people get very nervous.  As a result, the show blocked a group of rooms at the Plaza for those who wouldn't be able to get home due to icy conditions (money flowed a bit more freely in those days).  Long story short, the storm that could, did not, and suddenly there were rooms at the Plaza up for grabs.  Needless to say, I volunteered my services.  23 years old and spending the bulk of my paycheck on rent, I fully enjoyed my night of luxury.

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To me, the Plaza represents the glitz and glam of a different era; classic NYC at its finest.  The hotel has been the setting of many a movie (I'm thinking "The Way We Were" and "Barefoot in the Park" - Robert Redford coincidence? I think not.) and in literary circles, home to the oh so famous children's storybook character, Eloise.  

Now, for the bargain price of $995/night, you too can stay on the "tippy top floor" of the Plaza, in a suite dedicated to the precocious 6 yr old.  Designed by fashion designer Betsey Johnson, the space is decorated in pink and black.  A zebra-print carpet covers the floor and the king-size bed has custom-designed bedding depicting images of Eloise.  Her name is in neon lights above the bed.  Taking it a step further, petticoats and tutus hang in the closet (an homage to Eloise's love of dressing up).  Original prints by Eloise illustrator Hilary Knight hang on the walls.

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It's all perfectly adorable, isn't it?  Except for that jaw-dropping price tag.  Suppose that's the down side to all that glitz and glam I referenced above.

Only in New York, folks!  


liz said...

Betsey Johnson = pink and over-the-top. How perfect for a girly Eloise room!

Doreen Lombardo said...

As a native New Yorker, I love it! LOL I've been to the Plaza, and you forgot, one of the most fun movies out there,"Home Alone 2" I was engaged right outside the Plaza at the fountains! :)

I since left the nut, but it was romantic at the time. LOL

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