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review: gustorganics

I had been wanting to try GustOrganics, the certified green & organic restaurant, since reading this article about their baby food back in January. Which means, yes, it only took me until November to get there. Sheeeeeesh (issue to dissect another day, like months from now).

I have to say, I felt cleansed & healthier just stepping inside. The bamboo/green/raw materials theme is somewhat spa-esque, not usually the aesthetic you find in a bustling space such as this one. Mellow tunes playing overhead seemed in direct contrast to the surprisingly packed restaurant we found on a late Saturday afternoon pop in.

Husband and I were there primarily for Baby S to sample their baby food menu, but of course, managed to try a couple items for ourselves (starting with the wine list). I asked our waiter about food options for Baby S, and he immediately told me that it would take 30 minutes for her food to come out, as they prepare on the spot with only the freshest ingredients. We had the time so this wasn't a big deal, but please remember if you plan on trying out GustOrganics for yourself and your Little One.

Because there's nothing more fun than a hungry, cranky baby!

While Baby S waited (somewhat) patiently, I shared my soup with her, a fall-themed squash flavor that was pretty tasty. When her food arrived, we were nearing the end of our wine. Excellent timing as we took turns feeding her, both of us armed with spoons pointed in her direction. For her main course, I ordered the "chicken breast made with zucchini, carrot, one bay leaf, and salted water." She seemed to enjoy it, though the real hit was dessert -- a puree of "peaches, sugar and GustOrganics pure water." Clearly she gets her sweet tooth from me.

Side note: GustOrganics (at $7-10 per entree) does not skimp on portions -- we had both selections wrapped up and she got 3 more meals out of them over the next couple of days.

If ordering in is more your style, you're in luck. GustOrganics will deliver their baby food right to your doorstep via a carbon-free footprint delivery service in a biodegradable container. See website for more details & pricing.

My "two thumbs up" rating is two-fold, first because they even have baby food on the menu (fresh & huge portions!) & secondly, we were able to easily stash our stroller in the corner upon arrival.


Christina Simon said...

Great blog...saw it on Babble contest!

Loukia said...

Great review!

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