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a girls weekend

Husband escaped flew out to Arizona this past Thursday for his annual "boys" weekend.  He and his childhood buddies meet every year at Spring Training to watch their beloved (beleagured?) Milwaukee Brewers play practice games and to gorge on Mexican food.  Their annual trip has become a tradition, and though I kid him about abandoning his ladies, I'm actually glad he's able to go forth and hang with his buds every once in a while.  We all need our "me" time, right?

Toddler S (let's face it, at 17 months, she's a baby no longer - sniffle, sniffle) and I hung out at home, an official girls weekend all the way.  I am really enjoying this time in her development, as it's almost possible to see the wheels turning in her head - she is literally taking in everything around her with surprise and delight.  The little doll is also beginning to have an opinion about things, and when she doesn't like something, well, she's not shy about telling you... at a decibal I'm pretty sure everyone in our building has also experienced.  You're welcome, neighbor!

My extended one on one time with Toddler S begs the question: can the Terrible 2's start early?  I'm thinking the answer is a big ol' fat YES.  While she is generally a very laid back and chill kiddo, she does have her moments... usually when I'm using the word "no".  Sure, I don't like to be told "no" either, but good grief child, get it together.  As we begin this voyage into more & more Toddler S independence, I am frankly curious as to how it'll all go.  For starters, having a power struggle with a person wearing a diaper requires a lot of patience, something that I have difficulty with at times. 

This moment of reflection is coming -- I'm quite sure -- as a result of being a single parent over the weekend. Temper tantrums aside, however, it was really fun having the "mommy & me" time.  We hung out at Appleseeds on Saturday afternoon and on Sunday, joined some good friends for brunch at The Park.  We snuggled on the couch with Elmo and played with blocks and her baby doll.  And though I might have breathed a sigh of relief when Husband came through the door, I also felt how truly lucky we are to have this child in our lives.  

Burgeoning independence and all.

Side note: this post is brought to you by my continued support and admiration for all the single parents out there... especially after this weekend.


Sonja said...

Sounds like perfect mommy & me time. Those temper tantrums are tough, though, I remember well. That's why you deserve a weekend off now! :)

Empty Nester said...

Yeah, haven't seen anything yet! Just wait until you see the wonderful (sarcasm) age of 3. LOL

The girls didn't have the temper tantrums which is good because I probably would have had one right along with them! LOL

A Mommy in the City said...

Sounds like you had a great girls weekend! I know how hard it is when the hubby is away! I have nothing but respect for single mothers. It is a hard job!

EatDrinkBeRunning said...

Glad you got to have some QT with your baby girl! My youngest is 28 months and I still call him my "baby". Sounds like you had a fun time, sometimes a little time away makes you re-evaluate and appreciate things more. I bet your husband was thankful to get back home to you guys even though I'm sure he had a blast!

Anonymous said...

Even though I was giggling while reading your post, I totally know how you felt!

Lovely writing!

Alicia said...

Not only do the terrible 2's start early, but they extend into the 3's as well. B/c at 3, they have a vocabulary. A big one. And they use. All the time. And when things don't go their way... forget about it!

But you gotta love girls weekend!

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