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review: be kind kid shop

There is entirely too much plastic in our apartment. This is particularily irritating to me because plastic-overload was one of those things I thought about pre-parenthood... specifically, I would never be one of THOSE PARENTS who let plastic toys, trinkets, flatware, games etc. etc. etc. etc. take over their living space. Ah, memories. While I embrace the fact that with my cuties comes incredible mounds of stuff, I have decided to wage a small battle against all of it.

Watch your back, plastic!

First step: the kitchen. Enter Be Kind, a new mom-owned and operated business (love that!) which features glass as an alternative to the plastic flatware and sippy cups currently filling up my cupboards. While this might not seem like the best choice with small children, Be Kind's glass goes through a unique tempering process which makes it 2.5 times stronger than regular glass. AND, it's a healthy alternative to plastic, as it's made from completely natural materials (not to mention more aesthetically-pleasing). Be Kind's Silislipper is a silicone training top that is valve and spout-free, which encourages young children to learn to correctly sip from a glass.

I also love that Be Kind donates a portion of proceeds from every sale to Charity: Water, a non-profit where 100% profits go to fun water projects around the globe. In a word -- awesome.

On a personal note, I should mention my toddler loves her "Big Girl" plate and tumbler glass because it is similar to Mommy & Daddy's dishes. So not only has our kitchen plastic been transferred to the recycling bin, but Be Kind is another product that's helping transition our little gal to official Big Girl status (quick Mommy sidebar: I may in fact be sniffling a little bit right now).

Disclosure: Be Kind provided me with product for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are my own.


Sonja said...

So true. The cupboards FILL with plastic when there are little ones. We still have some straggler items left, too.

Anonymous said...

Love this entire line! We just started carrying the silicone silislipper lid in store at Caribou Baby in Brooklyn and so far the feedback from parents has been wonderful. I am hoping they come out with an extended line of glass snack and lunchwear!

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