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if mom had 3 minutes, what would she do?

On behalf of Clorox, I'm excited to help spread the word about a new e-book called "If Mom Had 3 Minutes," available for FREE download via their Facebook page. The e-book, written by celebrated children's author Karen Kaufman Orloff (and inspired by moms nationwide who sent in their tips!), is a hilarious look at the many ways moms multi-task every day.

Did I mention you'll get a $1 off select Clorox cleaning products if you download the book?  Yay, savings!

Here are a few of my favorites from the book:

If mom had 3 minutes, she would... work on sculpting her biceps by doing the "Putting Away the Groceries Workout," lifting those bulky items like bags of flour and soup cans way above her head for a few seconds before they get stored away.

If mom had 3 minutes, she would... stick a goofy mask on the vaccuum, they play a game of "Chase The Scary Monster Through the Living Room" with the kids.  The kids would squeal with delight and the living room carpet would get a good vacuuming -- a win-win situation! 

If mom had 3 minutes, she would... challenge her three-year-old to a cleaning contest. Mom would clean the kitchen counters with Clorox Disinfecting Wipes, while the three-year-old used baby wipes to clean up her play kitchen. The winner would get to take a nap! (With any luck, it would be a tie.)

I'm hosting my first Twitter party TONIGHT at 8pm EST to talk about time-saving tips with fellow moms, share some of my own and hopefully learn a few new ones in the process!  I'll also be giving away 3 Clorox prize packs to 3 lucky moms who follow the hashtags below and join in the fun!  (FYI: this will be the first party I attend in my pjs.  Love!)


My Twitter handle: @babymeetscity

See you tonight!

Disclosure: I am currently working with The Clorox Company on behalf of the If Mom Had Three Minutes program.

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Sonja said...

Oh no! It's 8:00 pm PST right now, so I missed the Twitter party! Rats! Sounds like a funny book.

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