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friday finds: the comotomo bottle

One of my struggles in early parenthood was discovering which bottle my daughter would like after I stopped primarily breastfeeding. And boy did we ALL agonize over the choices. We finally settled on the Playtex Nuk after trying several "designer" brands first (if there is even such a thing as a hip baby bottle), all of which she refused under no unnecessary terms. I'd prefer never to re-live the days of watching my baby squirm and scream as we made our way through this process.

Note to self and others: don't try and get your baby used to a bottle a week before you go back to work. Can we say rookie?!

Naturally, when Baby Sister came along, I just assumed she would go for the Nuk as well. Because all siblings are so similar. HA. Once again, rookie mistake. At least this time I started the bottle adjustment period earlier. After several failed attempts, we tried the Comotomo, and are so happy we did.

The Comotomo describes itself as a "natural feel" bottle, and let me assure you Husband gave his 2 cents on the subject: "Hmmm. Remarkably boob-like." Gee thanks, honey. In all seriousness, not only does it kind of look like a boob but yes, the material is soft, squishy and "skin-like" [Permission to insert boob joke here]. Nipple confusion wasn't an issue and Baby Sister took to the Comotomo with ease. Thankfully, I was spared the transition period I'd so been dreading. Whew. 

A few other things about the Comotomo --

It's easy to clean.  Hurrah!  The wide neck design and width of bottle itself makes it a breeze to clean. No nooks and crannies to deal with, which I really appreciate, especially at 1am in the morning when I've decided it's a good time to wash the dishes. 

We haven't experienced any leaking issues. This bottle has been put to the test... Baby Sister has enjoyed milk in any number of different positions and locations, has sat on it accidentally, rolled over it (you name it), and milk on her clothes has never been an issue. Double yay.

The design is sleek, modern and clean. I guess baby bottles can be hip after all?

The Comotomo baby bottle is available on Amazon, and I must say I recommend it.  Of course, all babies are different, but I think the fact that this bottle is so, er, "remarkably boob-like" puts it above the pack.

Disclosure: Comotomo sent me 2 bottles to try out for the purposes of this review. All opinions expressed herein are my own.

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Sonja said...

Hey - consider yourself lucky - one of my kids never ever accepted any bottle at all! I was stuck!

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