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officially counting down the days...

So, I haven't posted that much lately.

Life, and an increasingly busy work load, keep getting in the way of my computer time. I haven't even officially shared my excitement at being named a Kids Club 13 Ambassador (yippee... more on that later)! And the summer has managed to fly by, which while I'm ranting to all of Internet Land, seems horribly unfair.

Baby Sister continues to grow leaps and bounds and will likely be walking before the temperature cools. Toddler S has decided in the last month that she'd like to show me what being a "Terrible 2" is really like... how kind of her! While she's nearly potty-trained (hurrah) she's become increasingly jealous of her little sister, and the results make me question A) the best way to discipline B) how to keep my own temper in check and C) the closest place to purchase wine by the case. Thankfully, "this is just a phase" keeps ringing through my head. And for all of you who shared that pearl of wisdom with me... I'M HOLDING YOU TO IT!

Oh, and Husband decided to abandon the family for 5 weeks to work at the Olympics (almost the title of this post). Okay fine... "abandon" is a little strong. He's working for NBC, bringing you coverage on Olympic highlights, saying "cheerio" a lot and drinking free Starbucks coffee as he works the 6pm-6am shift. Ouch. Despite the hours, it's been an awesome experience for him. And being the supportive partner that I am (except on issues of taking out trash and remote ownership), I was 100% behind his going... until the date of his departure neared.

Then I started to panic.

Like all parents, we have a system down... you do this, I do that, when it comes to the girls. I was especially worried about being able to get ready in the morning, bedtime at night, and the long, LONG hours to fill on the weekend. I was nervous I wouldn't be able to do it all by myself.

While "success" seems like a strong word (especially after last night's adventure with bedtime, ending with one daughter in bed with me for the night... two guesses as to which one), we have persevered. We have managed. We've had some wonderful moments, and some truly trying ones. I might have cried. Twice. But the knowledge that I CAN do it, despite being so bleary-eyed that I can barely walk, is an achievement of sorts. And my respect for single mothers has gone THROUGH THE ROOF. My hat (and glass of vino) will be forever tipped to all of you.

We escaped to Georgia for a week to my parents' home (travelling through the Atlanta airport = not recommended with children), and I'd love to share a few of my Instragram pics with you. In the meantime, we're counting down the days till Daddy gets home (that would be 8, for the record). All ax murderers reading this, please disregard.

Helping Granddaddy feed the animals. Pretty sure we're not in NYC anymore.

Mozart in training?

When in doubt: poppers on steps & strolling babies on porch is entertainment.

Working on hippo impression.

Story time with Grandmama

Bath time!

Homemade peach pie & freshly churned vanilla ice cream -- thanks, Mom & Dad!


Anonymous said...

Way to go Ellen! We get stuck in our daily routines and being out of them can bring us day and night terrors! And then with two young ladies - I give you much credit for making that trip through the Atlanta airport and such nice pics you've shared - your girls are growing! Hoping the next 8 days go quickly and you get the old boy re-trained soon after his return!

Sonja said...

You're doing a great job hangin' in there, we witnessed it ourselves last weekend. Your little ones are precious and you're so lucky to have your sweet parents.

Anonymous said...

lovely photos! they are so beautiful :)

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