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baby meets beach

We're back from a week at the beach in Ocean City, Maryland, and it's all too perfect that on the day we left on our trip, my mom forwarded me the following poem by my aunt, who was a talented writer and poet, amongst other things.

Beach Weather
by Irene Lofton

And lots of it.
After winter's cold
and gray
It's like spun gold
In a jar.

Let's pour it out
over morning
Make it last
Through noon
And paint it 
into a sunset 
at day's end.

Doesn't it just perfectly capture summertime at the beach? I'm excited to share a few reviews with you in the days ahead (we cruised down in a pretty awesome Buick Verano and were saved by the Amazon Kindle Fire more than once), but for now, I just wanted to share a few pics from our week away from the craziness of the Big A. Happy summer!


Barbie // Fringe & Feathers said...

Wow, I can't believe how big your girls are! The pictures are great. Love the one of you guys on the ferris wheel. Looking forward to the reviews. I've been thinking about heading to Maryland.

How about a playdate this summer?

Sonja said...

Such precious times - love it! And cheers to Aunt Irene.

Unknown said...

Love the photos - so pretty!!

Unknown said...

Beautiful photos!!

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