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a pumpkin patch birthday

the birthday girl
October is birthday month in these parts, and as such, we've just spent the last two weekends celebrating our little girls turning 2 and 4. How THAT happened so fast I'll never know... But before I dissolve into tears, a quick recap:

We spent Vivian's special day at Outhouse Orchards, which is about an hour's drive from NYC and a really perfect spot for a mini getaway. We don't own a car, so it was ZipCar all the way (whenever we rent a ZipCar we think to ourselves "Why don't we do this more often?" and then we promptly forget all about it when we get home).

The girls had a blast walking through the massive pumpkin patch selecting their pumpkins. Afterwards, we hit up their giant cow-shaped bouncy castle and hayride, which was my personal favorite. Let me just say that yuppies love their apple picking/pumpkin selecting, so it was a good thing we arrived early before the masses descended. By the time we left, there was police directing traffic and cars moving at a snail's pace to get out of there... craziness!

Best part of all? Enjoying a change of scenery, celebrating fall and most of all, our brand new 2 year old. Happy Birthday to my sweet and spunky Vivian Ella!


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Brett said...

Happy birthday Viv. And what gorgeous photos to remember the day by!

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