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Shopping Local: Town Shop on the Upper West Side

I cannot tell a lie: I love Target. I do a fair amount of shopping on Amazon, and other online stores, too. But there is something about shopping local -- about actually going into a neighborhood's small, locally-owned business, that makes me happy in a way that picking up a box in the lobby of my building will never do. When so many small businesses are forced to close due to lack of customers and exorbitant rents, I must admit it makes me feel slightly guilty as a consumer.

Perhaps that's why visiting a store like Town Shop is so refreshing. One of NYC's oldest lingerie stores is a staple on the Upper West Side. Having recently changed locations (across the street!) so they could expand their space, the store now offers a maternity section which includes nursing bras, swimsuits and loungewear (featuring brands like Bravado Designs & Ingrid and Isabel). A smart move, considering women have been flocking to the store for years for professional bra fittings and personalized service, and have likely been pregnant at some point along the way. 

While I'm 99% sure I'm done having children (I like to keep that 1% open just for kicks), it's good to know there's another option for maternity bras and intimates in the city. Not to mention a few bras post-breastfeeding, as we all know "the girls" are never quite the same again. Here's to shopping local on Small Business Saturday and all year round!

Disclosure: I received compensation from the Quality Blue Community for this campaign. All opinions expressed herein are my own.


Monica M said...

Ohh this is so nice! You always have the NYC scoop. I think it's so special to invest in comfy intimates - especially when prego! Love the brands that they carry - hope you found something good for yourself too!

Brianne said...

This looks like such a wonderful shop! I can't wait to check it out!

Yakini said...

Oh my - the decor alone makes me want to take a trip there and visit. So pretty & feminine!
I agree, i love supporting smaller boutiques/stores. The customer service is so much more personal, and i also like that you can sometimes find unique little things that you wouldnt find at a bigger franchise store.
Im definitely going to pop in here next time Im on the Upper West Side. Thanks for the recommendation, girly! xo

Sarah said...

love your photos! I have always liked bra shopping at stores instead of online since its just such a different experience. Good to know there's somewhere in the city that offers a great maternity section.

Ande said...

What a great find! It's refreshing to have a place like this in NYC. A friend of mine, who is a new mom, recently went here to get fitted for a nursing bra and the staff was so amazing with her. After hearing about her experience, I can't wait to check out town shop for myself!

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