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Our 15 Minutes of Fame with Darley Newman of "Darley's Travels"

In late May, you may remember I mentioned a quick trip the girls & I made down to the eastern shores of Maryland with one of my nearest & dearest, Darley Newman. She was filming the new season of her AOL series, "Travels with Darley," and invited us to come along for the ride. Naturally, we jumped at the chance. We love Auntie Darley to bits, and Ocean City (one of the shoot locations), is Millie's favorite place to date... in her wide experience of almost 6 years on this planet.

But I digress. It was an amazing few days, and the girls got to take part in so many fun activities: glass blowing in Berlin, MD (America's "Coolest Small Town"), amusement park rides on the boardwalk in Ocean City and horse viewing & beach time at Assateague Island. We ate ice cream at Chesapeake Bay Farms, which might be my favorite place to date... and I've been around a lot longer than Millie. While the girls didn't really take much notice of all the cameras & equipment, I found the whole process fascinating. And seeing the newly released final product was pretty entertaining for all of us. That said, enjoy a few photos below, AND check out a few videos of our trip on Darley's AOL channel.

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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pictures of the little ones at the beach!!

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