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Bedtime Tales with Raymour & Flanigan

When we told the girls we were going to move this summer, we broached the idea of bunk beds in their new room to help get them excited about the big change. They were pretty intrigued by the idea (particularly Millie, of course, since she knew she'd be sleeping on top!), and it helped keep them enthusiastic about all the new changes coming.

Honestly, I can hardly believe that I have children old enough to sleep in bunk beds, but I don't have a choice but to wrap my brain around it. And while I may sniffle at their growing bodies, I can't help but be excited over the space-saving aspect it provides in a small NYC apartment.

The good folks at Raymour & Flanigan invited us in to see their children's bedroom furniture, and we quickly fell in love with their Willow Point collection. It's a sturdy, classic design, and the trundle underneath can either hold another mattress or provide additional storage (we're choosing the latter). YAY for more space to store all those puffy winter coats, seasonal clothes & an increasingly large puzzle collection. There is a LOT of room under there, my friends!

As you can see, the shopping went well. Hee hee. Stay tuned for a room reveal coming soon... we're four nights in with their new bunk beds & furniture, & they're loving the new room set up!

Disclosure: While I was provided with product from Raymour & Flanigan, all opinions stated are my own.


Anonymous said...

Love the bunk beds!! Can't wait to see your room reveal. xo~ Megan The Fashionista Momma

Unknown said...

The girls have bunk beds and love them. Isn't is amazing how much more room you feel you have when they are put in the room?

ChristopherJames said...

Aren't bunk beds such a rite of passage? I never really quite got to sleep in a bunk unit, but when they get to college or some higher form of education and if they are lucky enough to stay in a dorm, it'll just be a matter of time before they get to really enjoy it! Haha! I trust your kids are going to have good fun with their first one though! Good luck!

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