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Saving Time & Staying Healthy with Pager

Happy New Year! 2016 is here, friends, and I can hardly believe it.

Instead of making all sorts of resolutions (& subsequently breaking them), I resolve to just... maintain. In our busy lives, let's face it... maintaining can be a feat in itself. Keeping organized, getting work done, being a present mother/wife/friend can be a challenge with the many distractions of, well, life. I'd also like to carve out a little time to prioritize myself (insert self-imposed guilt here). As mothers, it feels completely normal & expected to put everyone else first, but the fact is, if mama isn't feeling great or is stretching herself too thin, it's not good for anyone.

Now that we've gotten my New Years mantra out of the way (!), let's go back to that last part. As a new year begins, I've already started thinking about doctors & dentists appointments for the girls, & this time around, for me, too. I don't visit the doctor as much as I know I should (reasons stated above), but as I get older, obviously that's got to change. I have a whole range of health questions that have started to pop into my nearly 38 year old brain, but we all know going down the rabbit hole of the Internet with your medical questions is a dangerous place to go.

So, what does a busy mom, who has no time to dry her hair let alone visit the doctor, do? She makes her health & her family's well being a priority with Pager. This newly launched "doctors on demand" start-up (have you seen the ads on the subway?) is reinventing the traditional doctor house call with a location-based mobile marketplace in San Francisco & right here in NYC. Through Pager, board-certified doctors can treat a wide variety of primary and urgent care issues, all in the patient's home, office or hotel. Services also include preventative care like health checks & flu shots. If you don't need an actual visit, you can also call or text medical questions with on-call nurses & doctors.

With cold & flu season upon us, I realized everyone in my lil' family has had the flu shot but me. I haven't even gotten it the last couple of years because I simply didn't make myself a priority. I decided to try out Pager with this service & can wholeheartedly say it was the easiest process ever. I booked a nurse through the app (which took all of 5 minutes to download, set up & make actual appointment), & she showed up the very next day at my doorstep. And just to point out, I was in my slippers the whole time.

If you'd like to try out Pager for an in-home visit or consultation over the phone this month, I have some good news. With code BABYMEETSCITY, you can try a Pager service for free until January 31st.

I really appreciate that Pager is blending all the benefits of modern medicine & technology with old fashioned home care by doctors & nurses. Here's to keeping our health a priority in 2016 with help from Pager!

Disclosure: I received compensation for this review. All opinions herein are my own.


Monica said...

This looks like an incredibly helpful service for people me! My kids are always up to schedule on appointments but I neglect my own.

Jessica @peekababy said...

Omg--I'm in the same boat with the flu shot. Oops--I should totally try this out...

Monica said...

This looks like an incredibly helpful service for people like me! My kids are always up to date with their appointments but I neglect my own!

Nancy Horn - The Mama Maven said...

Smart! I haven't gotten my flu shot yet and I'm home with a stomach bug today. Pager sounds awesome.

Denise said...

This sounds great. I love that the doctors are Mt Sinai affiliated since I work there. I hope they take my plan.

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