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beautiful chaos

I think a friend of mine, also a mother of two children, described it best.

Life these days is beautiful chaos.

The term has really stuck in my head, during the wonderful moments and the not-so-wonderful. And it has a lot to do with why I haven't blogged in over a month. I felt the days of maternity leave slipping by so fast once December hit that I just wanted to spend every available moment with my little gals. Couple that with the hectic rush of the holidays, car travel to Wisconsin for Christmas (!!) and getting my head around returning to work and you have one slightly-exasperated-yet-trying-to-savor-every-moment mama. Which left me exhausted. And seriously questioning my multi-tasking skills.

I returned to work last Tuesday, and it was depressing as hell (can't think of a more eloquent way to put it...) I must admit, however, that I've found falling back into a schedule somewhat comforting in a way. And it means that every available moment at home is jam-packed with:

there's 2 there's 4 there's 6 there's 8...

Beautiful chaos.

We are learning how to manage it all, this new life with children who are growing so fast I desperately want to freeze time. With work. Added responsibilities. Schedules. Our days are challenging at times but so incredibly worth it.

And hopefully I can find some time to write about it here.

Here's to more blogging in 2012, and a happy/healthy/laughter-filled year for all of you!
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Anonymous said...

Beautifully stated. Everyday is filled with so many extreme emotions. Isn't is amazing how much life changes (yet again) with another baby.

Sonja said...

The most important thing you said: savor every moment. It doesn't matter about the work that goes undone, the children are only around for awhile. Kiss them for me.

Mya Maternity said...

Sounds like the perfect life. Life changes so fast so enjoy every moment of the beautiful chaos.

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