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dr. sears answers my questions

If you're a parent, or have come into contact with the baby aisle of any store, anywhere, chances are you know about Dr. Sears. "Dr. Bill," as he prefers to be called, has practiced pediatric medicine for more than 30 years, and is probably the most well-known pediatrician in the US as a result. His seal of approval on products is a powerful endorsement. Dr. Bill and his wife, Martha, a R.N., have raised eight children, three of whom followed their parents into the medical profession.  You can find out more about the Sears family, along with helpful answers to your parenting questions, on their website.

"Dr. Bob," one of the three children who followed in his father's footsteps, was in town last week speaking about one of the most common issues babies struggle with during their early months of life: colic. Though I wasn't able to meet with him face to face, I did get to send along a couple questions for him to answer. I must admit I'm totally thrilled to post this video for you -- though I didn't meet him personally, this opportunity is probably one of the highlights of my blogging "career" thus far.

See below for answers to my questions regarding colic and what to do with a toddler who's decided she doesn't like to nap anymore (it's fun times at my home right now)!!

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Sonja said...

Wow - a celebrity endorsement of your blog! How awesome for you! Probably a needed boost at this very difficult time in your life. :) Just remember this is probably the hardest year of your mothering experience - adjusting to two at once. And colic is torture, I don't care what advice you get to cure it, it just runs its (very long - in my case) course. Hang in there.

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