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winter white

The snow really is beautiful, isn't it? Well, unless you have to get out in it.

As I slushed and slid my way home last night, I thought about how thankful I am that Baby S is nestled away in our cozy little apartment, warm and oblivious to the mess outside. I look forward to the days of snowmen-building and angel-making, ice skating in Central Park and coming home for hot chocolate. Winter can be a magical time, especially amongst the lights and energy of NYC.

But for now, I find solace in knowing that my sweet Baby S is tucked away from the outside world... and it makes me even more excited to get home to her each night.

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Anonymous said...

We've seen the pictures on the news . . . what a snowy city you've got! Ellen and Adam saw it snow for the first time in their lives last weekend, in the mountains.

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