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that time i stood next to tina fey

Apologies in advance... you're about to read a "pinch me, this was a great blogger day!" post. And if you find yourself getting a little bit envious, please note that I came home to 2 sick kids, one with a bad case of diarrhea. So it's all relative, really.

On the eve of the Great Blizzard of 2013 (not so terrible, despite what the meteorologists' reported), I headed downtown to the Waldorf Hotel for a press junket with Tina Fey and Paul Rudd for their new film, "Admission." The last time I found myself at the Waldorf Towers, I was sitting in the first row of a parlor magic show with Steve Cohen (who's kind of awesome and I'm not even a magic geek. Check him out). 

Escorted into a spacious suite, I met up with some of my blogging cohorts for coffee and breakfast (Focus Features knows how to impress the press). A short while later, we were ushered into another space to await the cast leads and their director, Paul Weitz.

Maybe this is the point where I tell you that like everyone else, everywhere, I love me some Tina Fey. And if you're reading this, you probably love her for the same reasons. I might have squealed a little bit when she entered the room... not sure. In any case, after they took their seats, we began asking questions. What's kind of cool here is that everyone in the room had either a parenting blog or represented a website with a mom-focus. I like to think this says a lot about our value, or at least that companies/industries are realizing our impact and reach. But I digress...

My peers asked a lot of thoughtful questions about the film (which is lovely, by the way. Official review to come), and as is often the case, by the time I'd worked up the courage to ask a question (a two-parter, I might add. One about a scene from the film and one about what Tina is up to next), the question and answer portion was over.


But, a lesson learned (be assertive!), and I had a long, hard conversation with myself on the subway ride home (not out loud, don't worry). Next up: I have a chance to act even lamer. 

As we gathered for a group photo, the photographer asked for tall people in the back (me), and as they decided where to put the talent, they split the line up between me and my blogging buddy Mitch, and dropped Tina and Paul in the middle. Side by side, me and Tina. Ya know, just hanging out. It should be noted that I absolutely heart Paul Rudd, yet I could have morphed into Alicia Silverstone sitting next to him on a grand staircase (Holla Clueless!) and still wouldn't have noticed.

As she approached, I realized this was my chance. My GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY to gush over one of my favorite people.

Here's a list of things I could have said:

1. You and Amy Poehler killed it at the Globes. Ricky who?
2. I loved your book, BossyPants, particularly "A Mother's Prayer." I felt those words more than you could possibly know... thank you for articulating motherhood so well!
3. What an amazing run you had with "30 Rock." How does it feel now that the show is over?
4. Thank you for your Sarah Palin impression. That one will go down in history.
5. My super talented friend, Deidre (whom I met on the subway; such a New York "meet cute") wrote this awesome song about you.

Notice I wrote "could have said." Because for some reason I zeroed in on her shoes (a really fab pair of heels) and, with the slush happening outside, said "Oh my goodness, did you come in wearing those shoes? I'm so impressed, I mean they're really cute, but it's slippery outside!" I simply could NOT STOP TALKING ABOUT HER SHOES. And not only that, it appeared I was slightly reprimanding her choice of footwear. She sweetly responded, "Oh no, I changed when I got here. I was wearing boots like you" (because I rocked snow boots to a press junket).

So there you have it. My 30 second conversation about shoes with the wonderfully talented Tina Fey. Ah, well. It's a memory to file away, along with these:

Oh, I'm sorry. Were you having trouble seeing us? Let me zoom in a bit. :)


Anonymous said...

So awesome and very funny. I love Tina!

Mama Up! said...

Ha ha, awesome! I think I would have been the same way!

Tiffany C. said...

I love Tina too, she really does rock! So glad you got to meet her! Thanks for the zoom in!

Unknown said...

Haha!! Love the story - and great photo!!

@thechickster said...

LOL, really cute, and particularly loved the close up at the end!

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